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The following form the core of our business

  • Supply and installation
  • Maintenance - repair and services
  • Calibration services
  • Validation services
  • Medical, Laboratory, Civil, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical, etc equipment services
  • Process analytical instrumentation
  • Electrical services
  • Instrumentation training
  • Computer services and training


Adekemi Technologies Enterprises now offers calibration and preventive/routine maintenance program for most oil and gas industries, medical and pharmaceuticals, telecom & IT Services firms, Petroleum and Allied, Industrial Engineering, Scientific and Education Institutions, Agriculture and Environmental, Geological & Mining, Building & Civil, Finance & Banking etc. The program includes cleaning, preventive/routine maintenance, calibration and an automatic calibration notification program that reminds user when next calibration is due. The ATE Service Engineer will indicate when repairs and replacement parts are necessary and will recommend replacement of parts, when appropriate, to minimize unscheduled service visits. A calibration and preventive maintenance Agreement covers a period of up to one year and can include one or more service visits. An agreement may also cover one or more instruments. This program consequent based upon increasing for Quality Assurance with a view to penetrating the global market, your company cannot but have the mark of excellence as conferred by ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 17025:2017 and other quality standards.


The calibration and preventive/routine maintenance program offers the benefits of Optimum Instrument performance and the most cost-effective services
  • Regular calibration using standards whose calibrations are traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) ISO 9001/Guide 25 Certified Calibration System.
  • A system that notifies users when the next calibrations is due
  • Preventive/routine maintenance helps avoid potentially cost advance
  • Ability to minimize and plan instrument down time
  • Factory trained service engineers for the best service


As components age and equipment undergoes changes in temperature or sustains mechanical stress, critical performance gradually degrades. This is called DRIFT. When this happens, your test results become unreliable and both design and production qualify suffers. While drift cannot be eliminated, it can be detected and corrected through the process of calibration. Properly calibrated equipment provides confidence that your products/services meet their specifications.


  • Increases production yield
  • Optimizes resources
  • Assures consistency
  • Ensures measurements (and perhaps products) are compatible with those elsewhere
  • And, making sure that your measurements are based on international standards, you promote customer acceptance of your products around the world.

Standard Services and Quality Practices

  • Calibration and documentation compliant with IS0 9001:2015 / ISO 17025:2017
  • Controlled calibration, verification and operation procedures
  • Standard traceable to NIST, equivalent National or international sources, or physical constants as appropriate
  • Calibration process typically 4:1 test uncertainty ratio (TUR)
  • Records of the history of each calibration standard
  • Controlled calibration environments
  • Calibration tolerances based on manufacture’s specifications or customer’s requirements
  • Calibration items labeled and the calibration access sealed where appropriate
  • Customer notification of out of tolerance condition
  • Proactive asset calibrations recall system


    • Inspect instrument/equipment
    • Recommend replacement of any worm parts -repair/service as it may require
    • Prepare and send quotation – there is room for negotiations
    • Await approve and issue of Local Purchase Order
    • Mobilize teams to the field
    • Carry out the work as stipulated by the Local Purchase Order
    • Repair/service as the case may require
    • Check accuracy and adjust calibration as necessary - final inspection
    • Prepare Engineering Report and
    • Supply comprehensive preventive/routine maintenance and calibration reports per each visit.
    • Supply NIST & SON traceable instrument calibration certificate on request