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Adekemi Technical Service Limited (Adekemi Technologies Enterprises subsidiary) was incorporated on 1st September, 2015 under the Companies and Allied Matters Decree of 1990 with Registration No. RC: 2360582. Adekemi Technologies Enterprises is principally involved and specialize on instrumentation, control processing and electro-mechanical equipment sales, supply, installation, repair and services and calibration include test, inspection, measuring, and medical/laboratory equipment in conformity with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 17025:2017 standards with any electrical works.

Our mission

To provide our customers with excellent services, high quality products, technical assistance and attitude in solving process control and calibration problem through our highly trained, skillful service and calibration engineers.


Our vision

Our vision is centered around providing our customers with outstanding services, high-quality products, and unmatched technical assistance. Through the expertise of our highly trained and skillful service and calibration engineers, we aim to solve process control and calibration problems efficiently and effectively.



Standard Services and Quality Practices

What we do

Calibration and Documentation Compliance:

Our content services guarantee calibration and documentation compliance in line with the IS0 9001:2015 and ISO 17025:2017 standards.

Controlled Calibration, Verification, and Operation Procedures:

We develop detailed and well-structured calibration, verification, and operation procedures specific to your organization's needs.

Test Uncertainty Ratio (TUR):

Our calibration process follows a typical 4:1 test uncertainty ratio (TUR)

Standard Traceability:

To ensure the highest level of confidence in your calibration results, we establish traceability to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), equivalent national or international sources, or physical constants as appropriate.

Records Management:

We maintain comprehensive records of the history of each calibration standard, including calibration dates, results, and any adjustments made.

Controlled Calibration Environments:

We provide controlled calibration environments that are specifically designed to minimize environmental factors that may affect measurement accuracy.



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